As we stand together to battle COVID-19, Endura-Roof is committed to providing the essential services, as we are allowed, for roof repair, roof replacement and construction service projects while doing our best to protect you, your home and our team. We have implemented several changes in an effort of keeping everyone safe.

Affordable Payments

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and affected your life, and that it may have made it more difficult to afford any  roofing, remodeling, or home improvement projects that you were considering contracting this year.

We have many affordable payment and financing options to help . Here are just a few of the payment options that we offer.

- Payments as low as $89 per month

- $0 down and No Payments until 2021

- No Interest for 18 months

​Operational Changes:

• All conversations will take place outside the home, if possible, at a safe distance > 10 feet. We have minimized in-house visits. We have labeled this extreme social distancing and will even text customers information and pictures when we are standing 10 feet apart.

• Endura-Roof staff will wear rubber gloves at all times if entry to the house is required.

• We will all adhere to the 10 person group mandate, including separating larger crews.

• All proposals will be sent and approved electronically respecting space between you and our team.

• Working with our entire delivery team including our service representatives, material suppliers and field crews to ensure our continued support of your family with maximum availability to provide services needed to protect you and your home.

Supporting our Team:

• We have provided our field members with hand sanitizer and gloves to keep everyone as safe as possible.

• Endura-Roof implemented new technology to mobilize all customer and operational support roles to work from home protecting their health while ensuring we keep lines open to serve you.

• Endura-Roof is providing our field staff with masks to support their efforts in staying healthy while supporting your essential needs. These masks will be homemade as any M-95 masks we obtain are donated to our hospitals.

Supporting the Community

• We have partnered with our roofing shingle manufacturers to provide discounted roof replacements for those that need this service during the current crisis - right now through May 31, 2020. This program has two benefits. First, we are dropping our pricing lower than ever in our history to help out homeowners that feel financially uncertain during these times. Second, Endura-Roof and our shingle manufacturers want to do everything we can to keep workers employed during these times. It helps us all if workers are able to keep their jobs during this crisis.

• If we are able to obtain any shipments of N95 disposable masks, these are donated to hospitals and first responders.

These are extraordinary times with new hurdles to overcome daily. We understand that everything precious is under your roof - and at this time, we all realize how important that is. We will continue to operate our business with the safety of our team and your family as our number one priority.


Thank you for your continued support.