When Roof Damage Happens

If your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or simply old age, we are here to repair and restore your roof. Endura Roof has a professional team of certified installers to repair your roof before the next storm strikes or before more damage occurs. Leaking roofs can cause damaged insulation, mold, damaged drywall, damaged plaster, and require more expensive services such as mold remediation, drywall repair, and painting. We can help save time and money today, and help you to repair any existing damage.

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A professional roof inspection after a storm is essential to make a proper decision and evaluate if -


  1. Your roof was damaged by wind or hail. 

  2. If repairs or replacement are necessary to bring your property back to pre-loss condition.

  3. If there is enough damage for the insurance company to pay more than your deductible and how much it will reasonably cost to restore your home.

​We are happy to help in any way that we can by providing an honest opinion with an accurate estimate. Our project managers have decades of experience in helping homeowners and property managers with the restoration and insurance claims process.

Hail with a diameter of an inch or greater has great potential to damage your roof, siding, windows and everything else on the exterior of your home. One inch hail is commonly referred to as quarter-sized hail. The larger the hail the greater it's velocity and speed will be when it strikes. There will be more damage when hail is more dense.


If you have hail damage it is important to have it looked at by an expert right away. We offer free inspections and have trained project managers with thousands of inspections under our belts. It is recommended to have a trained hail spotter perform your inspection. There are many characteristics of hail damage that an untrained eye may not identify.

We are pleased to help in any way that we can by assisting you in filing an insurance claim, documenting the damage, and providing a detailed line item estimate.

Hail  damage may not be visible from the ground and may not physically cause leakage immediately after the storm. Hail damage causes accelerated granular loss and decreases the life of your roof and its performance. Granular loss that exposes the asphalt mat of a shingle is damage that will cause premature roof failure.

The Second Step is the Inspection

Wind speeds in Michigan can regularly climb above 50 mph. Gusts of wind often reach 60-70 mph and many times we see sustained windy days. When wind hits your roof it can cause, lifting, creasing, blown off shingles, nail pull through, and other types of wind damage. It is important to have a trained inspector assess the severity and extent of the damage. Sometimes the damage is insignificant and may only require a repair. Other times wind damage occurs across multiple slopes or even the entire roof.

Wind damage is not visible from the ground in many instances. Wind damage can cause roof failure immediately. Wind damage often increases exponentially over the years; a few damaged shingles today will cause the surrounding shingles to become damaged during the next wind event, This is why we recommend responding as soon as possible

Hail Damage

Insurance Claims

We work with all insurance carriers to make the insurance claims process easier for home and business owners. We specialize in honest, accurate, and thorough  assistance to make sure that nothing is missed on your behalf and for your benefit.

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