Roof Plan - Before, During, After


  1. Choose a Trustworthy Contractor

  2. Consider Payment Options.

  3. Getting Approved For Financing

  4. What to Expect

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7 Tips to Protect Your Home During Roof Installation

  1. Clear patio furniture, grills and toys from your yard and sidewalks to protect them from falling debris.

  2. Move your cars out of the driveway and encourage visitors to park on the street.

  3. Re-locate valuable property or heirlooms from the attic — if they’re too big, consider tarping them.

  4. Remove mirrors and hanging frames from the walls of your top floor rooms, and secure shelves.

  5. Consider activities away from home during the day or two of roofing installation — roofing is loud work!

  6. The extra noise and disruption may disturb your pets. If possible, find another place for them to hang out during the installation.

  7. Cover your landscaping and flower beds with plastic or tarp.


Complete the Roofing Process

  • Request a one-on-one discussion with your contractor - walk your home’s perimeter and get a full description of their work.

  • Verify that your roofer used a magnetic sweeper to pick up loose nails. If you see any as you walk the perimeter, ask them to rake and re-sweep the yard.

  • Check landscaping, gutters, patios and the driveway for other debris—your contractor can help with clean up here, too.

  • From your yard, use binoculars to make a visual check of your new roof, then ask any questions — remember, you’re the expert on your home!

  • Protect your new investment now and into the future by getting these documents in writing:

  • A building permit

  • A written work contract and proof that your roofing project will be covered under the contractor's insurance policy.

  • A copy of your manufacturer warranty — be sure to review it before you have any future work done (even an inspection).

  • If you have a satellite receiver on the roof, you may need to contact the provider for an appointment once the roof project is complete so they can recalibrate the dish. You may even want to contact them in advance to schedule, should there be long wait times.

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