Storm damage causes problems for Michigan homeowners every year. Hail and Wind can cause immediate and long-term serious damage to your roof.

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Homeowners often choose to have their Roof Inspected after a HAILSTORM or WINDSTORM. At Endura we provide a thorough roof inspection to determine if your roof suffered damage and the extent and reparability of the Damage. However, that shouldn’t be the only time you consider your roof’s health.

In Michigan, it is a vital time of year to have your roof inspected in the fall, before the cold of winter sets in. Cold temperatures and ice-dams can compromise your roof and repairs do not always seal down properly. Attempting repairs on icy roofs can be treacherous, so roof problems uncovered too late in the season may have to wait until spring to be fixed. Another argument for a fall inspection is the fact that certain roof repairs should be initiated in the fall so they can be completed the next spring—for example, moss and lichen treatment which may require 6 months or longer to work. If moss or lichen are discovered during a fall roof inspection, there’s still a chance to get at them before cold weather sets in. Then, the treatment can be working during those long winter months, and the dead lichen can be swept or rinsed off in the spring.

Our 60 point inspection

At Endura-Roof we offer honest opinions, a detailed 60 point inspection, and an explanation of options for you to consider as a homeowner or business owner. A roof inspection is the best way to tell if you need a new roof, as opposed to a repair.

Our recommendation will vary depending on the age and condition of your roof, the number of layers, and other variables . During the inspection we will look for evidence of roof failure. Catching problems early eliminates costs later. You may not need a new roof. You may only need repair. We can help you plan ahead with early inspection and preventative maintenance.

Inspection Overview

  • What We look for:

  • Age and condition

  • Roof Failures

  • Damage: Wind, Hail, Old age, Manufacturers defects, More

  • Why to Schedule an Inspection

  • Preventative measures can be taken in attempts to reduce further future cost. This also allows for better planning to repair or replace.

  • Buying New home or selling old home

  • Leaks

  • Manufacturer's class action lawsuits claims

  • What we do during an inspection:

  • Documentation - We thoroughly document any damage and assess the potential causes and risks associated to any damage or failure that we are able to identify

  • Photos- We provide photo documentation to all of our clients.

  • Videos - We provide a private video analysis for your consideration.

  • Examine all Vulnerable leak points -

  • Proper installation or installation errors

  • Provide a plan-to-project analysis, to ensure Quality Workmanship and products for your home or business.

How To Tell if you need a new roof
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